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12/02/2017 10:22 PM
A profile that wasn't fit to print

The New York Times last Sunday carried a lengthy story headlined, "In America's heartland, the Nazi sympathizer next door."

12/01/2017 12:08 PM
Restaurant That Employed, and Then Fired, NYT's 'Nazi...

Until part-time cook Tony Hovater was profiled as "the Nazi sympathizer next door" this past weekend, 571 Grill & Draft House just existed as a small restaurant in New Carlisle, Ohio. However, the New York Times ' controversial article on Saturday that depicted Hovater as leading a pretty well-adjusted life quickly hauled 571 Grill into the national cross fire.

11/29/2017 11:23 PM
Nazi sympathizer profiled by New York Times says he lost his job and - soon - his home

Tony Hovater, a welder and white nationalist organizer, outside his home in New Carlisle, Ohio, Aug. 28, 2017. Some in the alt-right movement are looking to showcase people like Hovater - a polite newlywed with four cats and a fondness for National Public Radio - in a bid to make their extremist ideology more appealing to the "normies" they often mock online.

11/28/2017 10:30 PM
New York Times Nazi couple raising money on an alt-right crowdfunding ...

The "Nazi sympathizer" couple in New Carlisle, Ohio featured in a Sunday New York Times profile is raising money on the alt-right fundraising site "Goy Fund Me," Los Angeles Times national correspondent Matt Pearce revealed on Tuesday. "Communists, Antifa, and general basement-dwelling ne'er-do-wells set to work immediately, identifying their place of employment and harrassing their management into terminating them," the Hovater Support Fund on Goy Fund Me reads .

11/26/2017 05:10 PM
New York Times Defends Its Inflammatory Nazi Sympathizer Profile

In the wake of widespread backlash against its profile of a Nazi sympathizer, The New York Times said on Sunday it regrets offending readers and defended elements of the story criticized as normalizing white extremism. "Our reporter and his editors agonized over the tone and content of the article," Times national editor Marc Lacey wrote in a response to readers .

11/25/2017 05:20 PM
Twitter Rips NYT for Report on 'The Nazi Sympathizer Next...

He is the Nazi sympathizer next door, polite and low-key at a time the old boundaries of accepted political activity can seem alarmingly in flux. Most Americans would be disgusted and baffled by his casually approving remarks about Hitler, disdain for democracy and belief that the races are better off separate.